Postings to Site

I've added links to five documents, and will continue to add more in populating the site with recent writings.

In "Academic Papers and Journal Articles" you will find the header "Lessons from the Recent Financial Crisis, which is my Journal of Property Investment and Finance paper, "Ex Post to Ex Ante." And under the header "Vibrant Cities," the paper I co-authored with Emil Malizia of UNC/Chapel Hill in Journal of Real Estate Portfolio Management, "DEFINING 24-HOUR AND 18-HOUR CITIES, ASSESSING THEIR VIBRANCY, AND EVALUATING THEIR PROPERTY PERFORMANCE."

In "Industry Publications/Other" I've place a Globe Street article where I was an interviewee: "

And under the main "Academics" heading, there are two new posts: "Financial Times Letter, January 3, 2012

Expo Real Black Swan presentation, October 2015

The FT letter concerns the importance of learning financial history for both students and practitioners. The Black Swan presentation deals with "event risk" in real estate, a concern of asset and portfolio managers that has only increased over time.

In all cases, clicking on the header will open the link to the full article. Your comments on content and navigation are always welcome.